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Position as an Assistant Veterinarian or an Intern, Germany
The Birkenfeld Small Animal Veterinary Hospital is located in the southwest of Germany. It is a highly reputed referral and teaching hospital for mainly dogs (60%) and cats (40%). Our clients come from Germany and neighboring countries (mostly Luxembourg) for highly qualified veterinary care and professional service.

We are very passionate in our work and seek support from team oriented highly motivated veterinarians.

We offer:
• A position for a more experienced veterinarian and a beginner (internship) in our international team of ca. 30,
• High veterinary expertise in our team, particularly in the fields of surgery/orthopedics and dermatology - the clinic is the most prominent veterinary dermatology clinic in Germany, and dentistry,
• State-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment such as CT, digital x-ray (incl. dental), US, flexible and rigid endoscopy, video microscopy, in-house clinical laboratory, etc.,
• An internship program of two years duration for those who want to achieve high competence in a relatively short time,
• Support to the participation at ESAVS study programs, ESAVS certificate and/or European Master programs in various clinical disciplines leading to high professional competence (ESAVS, the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies, University of Luxembourg, see,
• A strong position in our team with the opportunity to develop your own areas of interest,
• An air-conditioned small house as a day care center for your own dog.

You possess:
• A minimal or - maybe - already some higher level of professional experience,
• A positive, open attitude towards others in general,
• A quick understanding.

You are:
• Passionate in your profession, resilient, reliable and communicative,
• Flexible,
• Strong in organizing,
• Ready to deal with complex medical problems and persistent in finding solutions,
• Able to communicate in German and English language.

Please write to us if further information is required. In case you are interested please forward your cover letter, resume, credentials and two letters of support to: Mrs. Sabien van der Velde, Small Animal Hospital Birkenfeld, Am Schönenwald, 55765 Birkenfeld.
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Published on 07/09/2015
Edited on 01/19/2018
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